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Prince Kodjo

Then she did it.
  • Genshin Wishing Simulator 2.2.5

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    Genshin is Pain A simple, console-based, Genshin Impact wishing simulator with soft pity. With character and weapon banners up to version 2.2 and... an inventory :o

    Updates 2.2.5

    • Name Change (clearer for ppl)
    • Weapon Banners
    • A Few Better Looks
    Recent comments (3)
    6 months ago

    My dearest creator. This piece of coding is beyond the range of taste buds in my eyes and I had a crisis as I saw the beauty.

    6 months ago

    This time it actually works, still in 2.2 though.

    This is a Genshin Impact wishing simulator, there are no images just pure console text. You can only wish and check your items, so not really a game but you can expect a Genshin-based one from me eventually.

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