look here https://replit.com/talk/share/Time-Sphere-unity-game/126247 for controls!
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Created on Nov 2, 2020
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MarcoD25 months ago


rrrrobb5 months ago

cool game

Pebbleclaw5 months ago

Awesome game, maybe add friction to the ground so you can't just roll on it to the end?

xxpertHacker5 months ago

How much of the code did Unity generate for you? Did it emit all of the Wasm, JS, JSON, CSS, and HTML for you, or did you have to write any of it manually?

The source was in C++, right?

If so, could you upload the source to repl too?

pythonSnake25 months ago

The "Press A To Leave" isn't working for me. Fun game though!

RafaelScarpa5 months ago

100 BALLZ mode was an incredible adi(c)tion!

Utsavg95 months ago


IgorHei5 months ago


BilaalKarolia115 months ago


ZacharyCash5 months ago

so good

bloxdoom5 months ago

wut? how to play!?!?!

lolukak2285 months ago


ia13ru5 months ago


nathany1005 months ago

how to play?!

Noelplatt5 months ago

fun game!

westmat0025 months ago

This is really great! I recently started developing in Unity so it's amazing to see what others have come up with. :D

NDcoder5 months ago


johnnyfrancis5 months ago

Looks like it still doesn't work on safari: Your browser does not support any of the required graphics API for this content.

Saajh5 months ago

how do you even play?

notCrazy08155 months ago


ryanw8305 months ago

how do u play

SoumikaC5 months ago

Wow! This is so cool!

johnnyfrancis5 months ago

Your browser does not support any of the required graphics API for this content.WAAAA

Ravost5 months ago

the sound tracks are EPIC

VitaliyFesik2025 months ago

how long did this take?It's pretty fun. thought there is one problem, you restart the whole game on just the level when you press "r" you should make if you press "q" it resets the game.

Therealjeffog5 months ago

This is great but it should have a controls menu

JosephLaRose5 months ago

This is a lot of fun. Great job, very enjoyable