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the swag real
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I finally found the libraries I needed! Stop/Play is still buggy, though. >_<
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Are audio visualizers possible?
I'm trying to make an audio visualizer, but I don't have a clue how'd I go around doing it. Could someone please help? Thanks.
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The Game Of Life
Conway's classic Game of Life. Works best on a separate tab. # How do I use this? The about section explains this. # What about reporting bugs? Si...
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I combined the OG Freedom Dive with a MIDI version and...
My god, is it beautiful. Sorry if this is off-topic, but I need to share this.
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I'm making a color wheel thing, and I have a list of colors ready, but they won't show up on my canvas, only black. Help?
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Having trouble writing a dataset to a file.
I'm trying to print the waveform of the audio to a file, but I'm not sure how. Help? (The code that writes it is commented out on line 97 of script.j...
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Could someone help me fix this?
I'm getting this error: TypeError: Failed to execute 'createMediaElementSource' on 'AudioContext': parameter 1 is not of type 'HTMLMediaElement'....
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Audio visualizer?
Is it possible to make an audio visualizer on this site? I'm not sure how I'd go around doing it.