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Published on Nov 5, 2022
Forked from dupl/analytics
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re-upload of dupl analytics (a free and open-source minimal analytics tool) since it was shutdown for a while. Most of the logos and stuff have not been changed, but if any functionality is broken please let me know.

The majority of this code was written by

, my old coding buddy who is busy fighting for his country.

The code has been very slightly modified by meto make it work again although not all of it may be functional.

I've had to migrate database host, and sadly the new host is signifigantly slower.

How to use

Simple include a script tag in your html (with the defer attribute, as to not slow down the loading of your site) with our script, and visits will begin to be collected!

<script defer src=''></script>

Then, to view analytics for your site simply enter your domain into our search bar! (Or visit

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