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Diogo Neves

I like creators and I like building tools... ☕️ Shipped stuff @ Siri  / ex-SWE @ Sony PlayStation & Guerrilla
  • HuggingRepl

    Cover page
    Made with Python
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    9 months ago

    A barebones Repl of 🤗Transformers, with one of their sample uses as seen at .

    This Repl includes the necessary dependencies and a simple, simply run the Repl.

  • Automaton

    Cover page
    Made with Python

    Implements a cellular automaton to generate a simple terrain-like structure, from noise.

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    10 months ago

    This Repl includes an implementation of a cellular automaton to generate a simple terrain-like structure, from noise.
    Cellular Automata is a subject that I've been meaning to explore for a long time and never did. This Repl was created as a fun night of code and intended to try out Replit, practice using numpy and learn more about CAs.

    The implementation includes 3 main stages:

    1. Generate initial state
    2. Run the CA rule for a few iterations
    3. Display the results

    This implementation keeps all the intermediate states so that they can be later displayed or analysed. The Repl will show an animation of the different time steps and include a plot of the number of live cells over time.

    Next I'd like to:

    • Experiment with stochastic implementations.
    • Use a higher-level plotting library (matplotlib is messy IMO).
    • Learn how to present simple projects beautifully.

    Disclaimer: I tried to keep it short and simple too and hopefully most functions have self-evident intentions. No attempts were made at optimising the code.

  • NetBlocks

    Cover page
    Made with Node.js

    An experiment on getting AFrame block building over the network.

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    3 months ago

    Linked to GitHub and added cover page

    3 months ago

    This change makes it clear this project isn't just the networked-aframe template code.
    This project was based on the NetworkedAFrame template

  • Select Geometry

    Cover page
    Made with TypeScript

    A simple example of how to select and highlight Geometry in BabylonJS

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    2 months ago

    I have tried to add as many details to the README as possible.
    This Repl covers the selection and highlight of 3D objects in BabylonJS. There are some quirks to how Babylon renders the highlights and I have covered those here.

    I hope it helps someone 👍

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