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Longest unnamed repl name of mine: TrustingWateryCopyrightinfringement
My thoughts on the community
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@programmeruser yeah the anger test in python was so simple, and it has over 200+ upvotes! only because the maker was "popular". If some new person posted it, it would only get like 5 upvotes at most.

My thoughts on the community
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@realTronsi lol yeah when he answer questions, he goes:

Please mark this as the answer if this helped

it's just that he has a lot of cycles, and people feel obliged to mark his answer correct since he said that.

Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
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@zplusfour ig its because most people prefer repl.it to replit.com, including me

Online 3D FPS, csgo based
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Coder's Block hit me, I need something to do.
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@adilskillz Coder's block is when you're stuck - 0 ideas

Hangman in python
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huh nice

2048 Game!
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question: is this github project yours?

I can draw a profile picture for u
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Hi there,
The repl talk is is only for coding questions. However, you can ask people on the repl.it discord server!

Dynamic landing page
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@CoderCode well that seems highly unlikely, since kobeff has never copied, and objectme12 had another account, and was banned from repl talk because they plagiarized like 3 projects. they also plagiarized me and coolguy's clicker game.

Snake Game
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@headiscoding think it was meant as a joke probably

Kaboom Jam: Introducing Bamboo Ninja!
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This is really good! There's def a lot of effort put into the art, and the idea of the game is really creative!

I need a pixel art creator.
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I really don't think that you should give out your email publicly, some people might spam your email...

My Setup!
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why does this look like roblox

why repl.run no longer working
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It's deprecated now, since there were some bugs and stuff with it.

Rex Programming Language!
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this is cool!


@Rishan001 nah, im thinking of kaboom jam right now :)
do you think jam that explodes is tasty?

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GeplChat | The future of chatrooms
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@shamim97 wow pepechat looks super cool

Is it me or are there more spam posts than usual?
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@dabombdgdzjr lol, and those 8, 9, and 10 year olds? they really need to learn about online privacy. Some of them include their full name, school, and age

The Quest For the Shadow Compass
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um... is the "THIS GAME IS NOT FOR FREE USE" a joke?

Is it me or are there more spam posts than usual?
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@bobjeffco well that's because most spam doesn't get 40 upvotes. most spam doesn't even get looked at.

How fast are you typing as a coder?
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@RayhanADev and the 4nd, 5rd, 6nd, 7nd, 8rd, 9nd, 10rd!

Muffin Catastrophe!
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@Th3Coder yes very flat, but i believe that bird is a northern cardinal :)

global warming
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@Bookie0 technically, cow's don't fart Co2, they fart methane, which is even worse than Co2. also, most of the methane that comes from cows is from their burps, actually.

[Jam Submission] CurtaCode — Your All-In-One IDE for the Curta systems programming language!
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wow... this makes codeweb look easy...
anyways, good luck with the jam! :D

Lua Tutorial - All the Basics!
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@xxpertHacker also i didn't realize this was already moved to learn until i deleted the first one

Lua Tutorial - All the Basics!
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@amaddentcsec lol, it's pretty good (from my experience) but not the best lang ever. but then, what is the best programming language?

PL Jam Results!

@509robotic well, it's an "important" post, so it's pinned. only moderators and the repl.it team can pin and unpin ig.