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K Hayes

Hi. I'm a student @medina college. I'm Australian Now, stop stalking my profile... weirdo

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    Made with PythonThis is Google in terminal xD ## **Prefix:** - `!` ## **COMMANDS:** - `!about`: Information About NOT-GOOGLE - `!wikipedia`: Open Wikipedia - `!ud`: Open Urban Dictionary - `!sugg`: Give Suggestion or Feedback ## **USAGE:** - Want To Google something? Just type it in the home page. - Open Wikipedia to use Wikipedia - Open Urban Dictionary to use Urban Dictionary - Want to give a suggest or feedback, use the command `!sugg` ## Inspired by @JBloves27's Replit Project - [Replit]( Shoutout to the original creator¬
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  • Infinite Number Counter

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    Made with PythonInfinitely counts up numbers. Nothing more nothing less. Fork it and follow the instructions found within to change the code to make it better ;P Made for a school project.
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