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Isaac Bradshaw

I am vey cool
  • pixel bomb

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2 years ago
Chunks! #Kajam 2021
Chunks! #Kajam 2021This is our entry to the Kajam 2021 competition, I hope you all like it and find it fun. The game does have a difficulty curve as when you get past 10 it starts to get hard. Instructions: Arrow keys to move your player (square) keeps getting 𝗛𝗨𝗚𝗘, so to stop it from getting to big to fit through the gaps in the wall, you collect coins to make the square smaller and increase your score. Have fun!
Please reply to this comment if you have any bugs/suggestions!2 years ago
Nice job! My only suggestion is that the pygame window is resized dynamically to the replit iframe. (i have done it in my project "pyshot")2 years ago