@ExplosionScratc (257)
Hi there! I'm --Explosion-- over on scratch and this is my repl.it account where I am working to learn about python!
ExplosionScratc (257)
Realtime chat app using firebase, with markdown, editing, channels, and much more!
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :) This supports markdown, html sanitation, channels, editing messages (Click on them), quoting people, and...
ExplosionScratc (257)
A cool loading animation
How do you guys like it? Any feedback?
ExplosionScratc (257)
URL Shortener with custom ID
What do you guys think? Anything else I should add? Also sorry for the long loading npm install ___ times.
ExplosionScratc (257)
My super cool JavaScript projects!
Hi everyone! I have made some super cool JavaScript stuff that I'd like to share with you guys! There is a clock, an html parser, a BBCode parser, a N...
ExplosionScratc (257)
Notes app with GitHub auth!
Hi guys! I finally got auth working right! So I made a notes app!!!! It supports markdown, editing, deleting, and sharing posts, along with statistics...
ExplosionScratc (257)
JavaScript Weather Utility!
This gets the weather and makes nice little cards with it! Still a WIP.
ExplosionScratc (257)
YouTube Downloader.
# FINALLY. No viruses. Easy to use. Lots of options! Tell me what you guys think! Download YouTube videos easily! ## Disclaimer It is against YouTub...
ExplosionScratc (257)
Cool glowing loading animation using CSS pseudo elements
I used CSS's ::after and ::before elements to make this! Tell me what you think! Feel free to use it but make suer to give credit! # Disclaimer: This...
ExplosionScratc (257)
Almost every repl I make does not run
It loads forever and gives me this: ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1600791431609_489aab73f8f42cc9547fb77941a57774.png) This hap...