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Mike Phelan

AP Computer Science Teacher
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4 years ago
Loan Shark Simulator
I made this game while my students worked on their APCSP create task. You are a loan shark trying to get to $100. You can loan money to people and us
I never thought I'd find something like this. I think that's exactly the kind of app kids need to learn the basics of financial literacy. My parents never taught me anything about money and thought they only had the right to talk about it, so until I got married, I did not understand what it meant to manage money. I think this is the main reason I had a bad credit history, which I had to fix for years. Six months ago, I finally got a mortgage through Mortgage Broker Croydon's counseling, and bei3 months ago
Thank you for your efforts. It appeals to me greatly. I'm a developer for this website (, and it's sometimes difficult to create something that will be appreciated by a million people all over the world. I spent a lot of time just to be able to create a calculator that won't crash when a lot of people are doing the same thing, and you created a simulator. You're a fantastic creator!6 months ago
It's fantastic! Economic simulation is more than simply a game. Such games typically depict real-world market procedures, educate survival in the stone jungle, and promote corporate development. These games are played by all Mortgage Advice Birmingham staff. Even the competitors act almost identically to how they do in real life. In pure simulation games, you usually don't have to develop your business from the ground up; instead, the player is given a ready-made business that he must either not8 months ago