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Me: Santa isn't real, my mom told me. Santa: appears next to me Me: HOLY S%&@!!!!!!!! Santa: Ho Ho Ho [email protected]&%#[email protected]$#%&!
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Playing Part 1
This is story text game in which you have to survive. I think this is a good story. I am still learning to code C++ so please tell me if anything goes...
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Demo for a Game I'm making
I am making a game called Quest for the Gem of Life. The run is going to be different in the full version. Please tell me if anything isn't working...
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A boring code
It was a code I made while I was bored and it looked like a good code so might as well post it Comment if I should make another one
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Why is my code giving me errors?
My code keeps giving me errors and I don't know how to fix it. This confuses me because I have codes that look like this but don't give me errors. Ple...
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How to get a lot of robux
Totaly not a rickroll click the link or copy it. https://video-app-16.ryantadiparthi.repl.co/video_detail/%5BUPDATED%5D%20FREE%20ROBUX!%20NOW%20GIVES...
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How can I make this code delay?
I have had trouble making it delay so that it looks like the characters are talking. I've looked for a couple hours and still haven't found away to ma...