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Cactus Clicker
Published on Apr 1, 2022
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Introducing iWater. Clean. Simple. And most of all, wet. A wonderful built-in display. A secure Touch ID. Up to 15 magnificent colors and 5 unique sizes. Supercharged by the revolutionary Apple W1 chip. Pairs beautifully with Apple Cup. All for the fantastic price of... $999! A parody of Apple's product pages: exaggerated, lots of big text, and of course overpriced! 🙃
ASCII ART GENERATORConvert Images and Texts Into ASCII Art. Packages Used: PIL for image to ASCII Art pyfiglet for text to ASCII Art Update: Added Text To ASCII Art Generator Custom Font option in Text to ASCII Generator Added Unicode char style in image to ASCII Generator Helpers: @codeitfast @DariaScott Important So many users are getting this error local variable 'image' referenced before assignment Why is this happening? There are 2 reasons behind this: The Image URL is not accessible The Image type is not supported (svg, gifs, etc.) Note: Images are not saved anywhere
EvolutionSimulate evolution by selecting for certain criteria! This simulation tries to replicate evolution by simulating movements of little creatures named "cells". A small pet project by IcemasterEric, this turned out to work extremely well!
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