yo, how many cycles coder100 needs to crash replit

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Created on Mar 10, 2021
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3 days ago

Because i only have 5 and i think the cycle in the like2342343wed(5) right?

3 days ago

I have a question what are "cycles"?

firefish3 days ago

i32::MAX. oh dear me repl.it is 64 bit maybe even 128 bitu128::MAX should be. you've used rust before if i remember pog pog

4 days ago

yo, how many cycles coder100 needs to crash replit xD

Bernymaster4 days ago


Bernymaster4 days ago


AmefiaDev2 weeks ago

i n t e r e s t i n g....

firefish2 weeks ago

You have already passed 2^15, just 16 times more cycles to break :)

PyCoder013 weeks ago

like 1500 cycles could be enough to buy hacker plan lol

PyCoder013 weeks ago

I wish cycles could be spent of stuffs

tussiez3 weeks ago


MinerProMan3 weeks ago

can't wait for the day when we can get everyone in the world to make at least 3 replit accounts to give this man cycles

JohnBarnhart3 weeks ago

OMG is this your site? https://www.coder100.tk/

4 weeks ago


ULTRASAVVA1234 weeks ago

Coder100 u know fortnite pls help me make a copy but 2d?

CookieSnowOwl4 weeks ago

There are about 2 billion computers in the world. Therefore everybody needs a bit more than 1.07 repl accounts. Which is probably not possible.

zplusfour1 month ago

lmfao C globals INT_MAX

Solarbot91 month ago

I have a question for you

Baconman3211 month ago

Replit uses Go for backend as far as I know. A better way would be to do this (as shown by this post):

package main;

import "fmt";

func main(){
  const MaxUint = ^uint64(0) //18446744073709551615 
  const MaxInt = int64(MaxUint >> 1) //9223372036854775807
  fmt.Println("Coder100 needs either %d or %d cycles to crash replit.",MaxInt, MaxUint);

The reason why I add Uint in there too is because you can't get negative cycles, therefore replit might use Uints. I don't see why they would though, no one could possibly get that many cycles.

Here's to prove it:

Assume you get 16k cycles every 4 years (I heard you joined in 2016 or so and you have about 16k now.

You would need 2.305843e+15 years (yeah, you heard me right. That's 2305843000000000 years) to get to the Max Int. And that's assuming they aren't using Uint!

Bookie01 month ago

do you really need 'em??

TheC0derGirl1 month ago

@Coder100 well this has become a chat post for some people LOL

Summit1 month ago

@Coder100 what if they use long ints lel 👀

SudhanshuMishra1 month ago

what the Such a simple post and look at the crowd I am impressed

Missingn01 month ago

Enough to get you through college 8943453862423542 times.

figglediggle1 month ago

c l o u t

StudentJames1 month ago


EekulDrailus1 month ago

Lets get em cycles

NathanTodd21 month ago

just calculated the 32767 bit int limit @piemadd

IcynDevz1 month ago

I literally just made 5 more reactions by myself. xd @Coder100

Coder1001 month ago

@syflexer lol get deleted

RhinoRunner1 month ago

isnt 2147483647 the max integer for 32-bit computers though?

TheC0derGirl1 month ago

um WOT


how many cycles TriDucT needs to crash replit
yo, how many cycles coder100 needs to crash replit
yo, how many cycles coder100 needs to crash replit
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yo, how many cycles coder100 needs to crash replit