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REST API with Spring Boot
ChrisTrevarthen (3)

I wanted to create a template for simple REST APIs using Java and Spring Boot so that I could collaborate without having to use screen sharing on a desktop IDE.

This template starts with simple GET and POST calls that you can extend to build and test out your own API. Once running, you can access the API using the preview URL in the repl.

The template uses Maven for dependency management, so you can add more third party libraries as needed.

See the README to get started running your own API.

For more info on how to build APIs with Spring Boot, check out these tutorials.

ronaldcornet (1)

This is really helpful. Thanks a lot!

ShubhanshuRao (0)

It is showing not able to run "" file is missing

ChrisTrevarthen (3)

@ShubhanshuRao Hi, thanks for pointing that out. I just configured it to run when you press the Run button - could you please try again?