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Make your own console
ChezCoder (1610)


Ok, so, ive been seeing a lot of custom languages these days on repl and have decided to help people make custom intereters (consoles)!

Change the settings of your customized console from lines 1-25!

To add commands, go to Commands are functions and parameters are the function parameters.


Please comment bugs in the comments. Also, don't be afraid to post the console you've made from this in the comments!


Please give me feedback on how to improve! :DDDD

techgeek680 (73)

ohhhhhh im gonna use it. everytime i make new python repl: SYNTAX ERROR BLAH BLAH BLAH. jeez. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mollthecoder (35)

This is more of a terminal template

ChezCoder (1610)

@mollthecoder lol true. i made this for fun, but never knew people actually have used it.

SeamusDonahue (461)

I found a new bug: if you define a function without params (e.g. def func():) it will not be callable. calling it will say function funcname or whatever and adding a param to it will cause a param error

SeamusDonahue (461)

also a minor thing: if you define a class for commands (e.g. for something like log.write using a log class) typing help (class name) does not return anything, seemingly ignoring your input. maybe make it list the functions of that class?

SeamusDonahue (461)

one more thing, you should make it so we can decide the separation character in commands (e.g instead of command param param2 I could make it command param,param2, or command param!param2) so we can do stuff with params that have spaces

ps: I'm making §tar with this

SeamusDonahue (461)

I got one problem: I wrote a function:

but when I do get "test" or get("test") it gives a "syntax error"

SeamusDonahue (461)

I stand corrected that was a working command its:

that doesn't work

ChezCoder (1610)

@SeamusDonahue hmm... thats very strange... ill work on it, thanks for reporting the bug!

SeamusDonahue (461)

this is really cool, I'm gonna play around with this now! thanks for making this!

ChezCoder (1610)

@SeamusDonahue wow, thank you for the suggestions, ill work on them :)

LD1 (53)

help clear gives Error: 'clear' is not a valid command. even though clear clears the console.

ChezCoder (1610)

@LD1 o good catch ill patch it up

gavinwinsagain (17)

Hi is it ok if i use this template to do some stuff with python if i keep credits in?

DaRubyMiner360 (10)

I already had a shell/console for my programming language, but this is amazing! I am adding this immediately! Great job!

Leroy01010 (414)


also chiiiilll



octopyBot (264)

owo very cool but the HAI 1.3 GIMMEH FEDBEAK KTHXBYE?

octopyBot (264)

@ChezCoder wow repl has changed. idk why I said owo lol. wow I used to be IN, I was one of the top coders for a while. huh I've been gone too long

TheDrone7 (2002)

Moving this to templates.

jackou (64)

This could go well in the Templates section! Cool