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Js Waiting thing that I made
TheDNAHero (6)

It isn't much, and I am a beginner, but I think some even more beginner js coder may find this useful. This is a wait timer. When I started learning javascript, I was thinking about how to make a wait timer, and then, now, I was browsing w3schools, and saw something on dates, and was thinking holy crap, time, and so I delved into it a little, saw some stuff, and then I figure out how to run a timer. I am pretty sure this can be run as many times as you please in your creations. I might make an updated version with miliseconds soon, as I have nothing to do today, and the timer cannot go above 60 seconds, so I may fix that as well at some point today with minutes and such. So, easy javascript timer that is inefficient and can be done better in other ways and in python. Adios.

TheDNAHero (6)

Better version that I made when browsing w3schools and a tad bit of showerbrain: It is much more reliable, and much more down to the millisecond. I am pretty proud of it