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Getting started with MySql
HackermonDev (2020)

What is MySQL?

MySQL is database software like MongoDB, no one really uses MySQL anymore but the more you know the better it is.

I thought you couldn't use MySQL on

Well, actually you can. You can create a database with remotemysql and remotemysql will host your database on their servers so you don't have to host your own database. I always use remotemysql whenever I decide to create a MySQL database.

Why should I use MySQL?

Well, MySQL is free and easy to use. And you can run it from basically anywhere.

How do I get started?

Well you can first go and visit the repl and then learn more about it from w3Schools


MySQL is pretty cool and you should use it

LiamDonohue (294)

waittt WaItTt WAIT revelation you can do this on

akostyanika (0)

It seems there's no driver for MySQL on Replit