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Bukkit Plugin
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Create Bukkit plugins in!

This is a Bukkit dev workspace set up in!

Fork this repl to get started!

To get started, change com.yoursite.yourname in and plugin.yml
Then change the JAR_FILE variable in to set the output file name.
Next, rename the files and folders to match the new package and class names!

Click run to build!


If you are using a free account running a server will take a long time to load, and then crash because either the tick time is to long or you ran out of memory. Please don't waste your time trying to run a server.

I do not have an upgraded account, but if someone with an upgraded account is willing to test running a server (copy spigot.jar to another folder and run it). Please comment if it works, and I will edit this post to say if it works or not.

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