Gold Clicker V1

I have decided to follow the trend right now which seems to be making clicker games so here I present Gold Clicker. This game is similar to other clicker games, you just need to click and upgrade. I did add a rebirth system which also changes the item that you click.

Here are all of the different people you can hire -

Worker, Cost: 10, Gold Per Click + 1, Cost + 3
Investor, Cost: 100, Gold Per Second + 5, Cost + 30
Banker, Cost: 500, Gold Per Second + 50, Cost + 150
Pirate, Cost: 1000, Gold Per Second + 150, Cost + 300

How to win?

You can beat the game by getting the max amount of rebirths which is currently 2.

Future Updates

This is currently just the first version and I plan on adding some more things in the second. What ill add -

  • More Workers

  • Animation

  • More rebirth

  • Music

  • Local Storage for Saving

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you should make it a bit harder right now its really easy and i can think of a way to make it so that there are infinite rebirths also when you start getting pirates thanks to the rebirths you start making more a second then you can spend on pirates so make the price go up more per purchase on all the upgrades


@syflexer yea I noticed that. I know how to make infinent rebirths but I like to have pictures that represent the rebirth


@MikeJMS8910 ok cool cant wait for the next update mention me when its reasleased


@syflexer ok thanks. I am probably just going to mention everyone who upvoted this version


@MikeJMS8910 you never updated it :(((


@MikeJMS8910 cool thx