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memes I made

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I was about to go browse some memes when I thought:

why can't I just make 'em myself?

So I made 10 20 27 coding memes with imgflip.

I put them here because
a. I get to code
b. They are about coding
c. I dont have reddit

hope you like em

also, use this

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LOL I just kind of got caught up in the argument.

What!? Python can do more than C++? Apparently, neither of you have a clue what low-level means.

I have no idea why I said that XD.

You can't build a web app in Python :/

I meant website.

The best servers are multi-threaded, don't crash, use HTTP 2.0, caching, are secure, rewrite all http: requests to https:, and a whole lot more.

I wish I could redirect http to https in golang, but I don't know how (because port 80 and 443 are blocked so).

It'll take some time to think about that, especially if you disagree, but eventually, you'll understand.

Again, I got caught up in the argument.

Python is more suited for newbies, and for easier code writing.

As for me saying low-level syntax, again I think I meant more low level concepts.

As for the Golang being low-level, I guess even C++ isn't considered low-level (now it is with new arrivals of high-level languages).
I should correct to "lowish-level", or "more complex level".

I've seen NASM and it actually doesn't seem that hard (of course, when I start writing it I bet I'll get all sorts of errors).

Yeah, I guess I kind of got caught up in the argument. In the back of my head I kind of had some dubious thoughts, so IDK I guess I wanted to prove that python was bad (which it is for certain reasons. Again I said C++ and python aren't that comparable because of their differences).

You're a hypocrite, what low-level languages do you know?

Technically, C++ was the first language I tried (which epically backfired). If you were to get philosophical on knowing languages, someone once said "learning something 10,000 hours makes you a master" (or something like that)... which means you know very little about C++ (technically I know even less, but it's more about the point given). I think C++ is good for speed in general, but like I said if you want speed just write in assembly (since C++ is compiled directly to that... or is that C).