Python Timer
zplusfour (916)
@Bookie0, @SpaceFire, @everyone

Ah man... Your phone's battery is DEAD, and your friend's phone is actually DEAD...
So you can't open the timer...


by @ZDev1

The smartest python timer ever!


  • By seconds.
  • By minutes.
  • By hours


So javascript edition is coming soon!



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CodingCactus (4326)

would be cool if you could do something like this

zplusfour (916)

@CodingCactus hmm
First write the number then wait two seconds and write s or h or m...

zplusfour (916)

@CodingCactus good
Do you like it?
I coded it on vs code and I make it with a sound when it's complete,
with the library playsound but on, I don't know why it's not working...