⚪🔴🔵 Check out these cool interactive circles 🔵🔴⚪
RolandJLevy (1054)

A cool grid of interactive coloured circles that change size and opacity based on the position of the cursor. Simply move your cursor over the grid to see the effect.

Features 💡

  • Made with Vanilla JavaScript and CSS
  • Adjusts the size and opacity of each circle by calculating the distance between the circle and the cursor using pythagoras theorem, like this: Math.sqrt((x * x) + (y * y))
  • Generates 216 circles each with a unique hex colour
  • Includes dark mode 🌖 ← → 🌒
  • Doesn't achieve anything - it's just a bit of fun! 😆

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AgastyaSandhuja (172)

woahhh! dark mode makes it even better :0