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unhackable website
Pathway (4)

not possible to hack. props to anyone to finds the password

cmglj (6)

Very cool!, fun fake website, I used this to trick my friend. I know there's no password but its a funny code!

commandamry (0)

Ez hack team fake on top...

Pathway (4)

seriously, if you can hack this then you're actually a genius

hippolippo (2)

@pathway: it is easy, you just add /sop.html to the end of the url

hippolippo (2)

there is no password

Nosrep (13)

I'm pretty sure there is no password.

NemesisProgramm (0)

@nosrep: If you examine the code closely, you'll find that there is a button where you suspect a period to be. Clicking this button directs you to an image. Scroll down to find another button, and enter anything for the password and it will unlock the system.

Nosrep (13)

@nemesisprogramm: i saw the "period", but i didn't know about the other button.

Nosrep (13)

@Nosrep huh this was a while ago, disregard anything i've said this old i guess

Coder4 (9)

Actually. It's all fake. you simply did not add a correct password to the platform. Hi, I'm a hacker, hacker of most school admins and school grade books. I have been very experienced in hacking and know allot about coders tricking other coders. It would be either in the html code where your password sits or the Javascript code, and it would be a code most coders know. It's not like your google or something, so I proclaim this junk to be fake.