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Egg Boundary - Slope style 3D game [WIREFRAME!]


Egg Boundary!

The original Slope ripoff and first 3D game by me. The goal is to avoid obstacles and get a score of 500!

To activate the classic wireframe mode, press "Super Wireframe".

Play on Github (Unblocked)

How do I play?

You can use the arrow keys to move around. Alternatively, use W/A/S/D.
To jump, press Space.

Press the Up key or W to accelerate (you will start with no speed).
Keep in mind that your speed moving left and right is dependent on your speed! This makes the game harder.


A purple rectangular prism reduces your size for a few seconds, making it easier to avoid obstacles!
A green rectangular prism will make you invincible to obstacles!
These powerups will last for 6 seconds.

Original game written in Jan 2020 to replicate Slope
I did some code cleanup, bug fixes, and fixed major game mechanics in late 2020. The game is now playable (and more fun!)

Classic Wireframe



Original Game:


High Scores

Myztiq is the first to get 500, congratulations!


: 500

: 402.1

: 385


328.0 (@erger561)

: 286.4

: 222.9

: 207.2

: 151

2 years ago
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