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A Frontend Developer’s Website? [CSS Code Injecting Website!]
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OMG TRENDING YAY! This is a kewl little website (and my personal portfolio) that has a very quirky “setup” if you will. Consider checking it out:

** A Frontend Developer’s Website? [CSS Code Injecting Website!]**

Check out the website in fullscreen here

Hiya, it’s Ray! Recently I signed up (or in other words created a pull request) to get a subdomain. I really wanted a personal website with a kewl domain hack, but this seemed to be an even better option!

While I was creating my website, I realized Dang, how lame. Static websites are just so reused and there isn’t much special about nav-bars, pagination, and whatnot. I really wanted my website to be unique and quirky, yet still reflect me in some way.

That’s when I stumbled across pen#PwLXXP, an interesting website that injects it’s CSS character by character into a style tag. Of course it was written in CoffeeScript so I decided to transpile it back into Javascript! It was pretty easy and after revising the code some bit, I felt really proud of how the site worked. I also used my new package (coming out later this week after I finish documentation!) to get some of my profile data and template that with EJS.

The end product is really amazing and I absolutely love it! I’m still adding more stuff but I decided to publish it because I really like it! I should be getting a subdomain later this week, but for now I named my repl its because it sounds awfully nice to say! Ciao.

Update: YAY I got my domain!

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this is amazing!

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thank you!
(ˊᗜˋ)/ᵗᑋᵃᐢᵏ ᵞᵒᵘ*