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the blue one
XanthusPettitt (6)

this started out as a little project of mine, "make a calculator" and now I have made one of the best calculators, we are constantly adding on to this as 2 kids don't know all the math formulas, names, and laws but we can try. If you have any suggestions on what to add to this calculator we will add it(it might not get started until later as we are doing measurements)

How to use:
you input the corresponding number to what you want to do.
press enter


about the calculator:
though the name is a bit silly dont let it fool you, this calc will be better than any calculator you will find online. it can calculate anything from area to vector to translations of different types(tad bit of an over statment) but if you want me to add anything, share some ideas, or ask questions, tell me! im always free to answer or add anything