Goal Maker (Create Progress Bars for your Goals)

Set Goals With Ease

I thought of this idea while playing ping pong trying to break the record for rallying. I thought, "how can I make a way of tracking how close I am" so then I came up with this in a couple of hours and started coding it. This is a very very easy to use thing, to make a goal you press the new goal button. Then you can change any of the text such as the number that it is out of and the number you are at. It will instantly update and save all the statistics to your local storage.

Give me suggestions

I just made this in like 2 hours or so so let me know of things you want me to add!

updates since release!

Version 1.05

-Dark Mode Added!

-Fixed: deletes several glitch!

-Show deleted goals!

-Hide Deleted goals!

-shows creation date!

-recover old goals!

-permanently delete old goals

Have a good day!

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thanks! @coder400