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super snake
MrEconomical (2288)

snake remake

super snake is my remake of the classic snake game. i added powerups to classic snake to make it a lot more interesting and it is actually pretty fun. also, i used a retro style with a monospace font and pixel graphics that look pretty cool.

my highscore:

thejoeman24 (31)

this is the most awsome thing yet that ive seen on when people use html, ...

SilentShadowBla (551)

awesome game! i love it <3
The powerups add a whole new aspect to the original snake game!

pthapa4s (1)

this is amazing

RopTamen (1)

Dang if only it was possible to make this kinda stuff on here with c#. Fantastic work man

freethemachine (1)

How long did this take you and where did you learn this? I'm brand new to coding and want to do cool stuff like this. Thank you!

MrEconomical (2288)

@freethemachine Thanks for your interest!

it took me about 3 or 4 days to make and it wasn't a giant project. I have made a bunch of other stuff in the past with HTML / CSS / JS so I am sort of experienced.

Andi_Chin (220)

great game, great concept!

AphixDev (217)

First off, this game is absolutely INSANE! :) I feel like it would be nice if the snake went a tiny bit slower so that it isn't as hard to get the "fruit blocks". Otherwise, I think you can create a mini arcade website with all of your games!

BINS14143 (1)

this is so cool! =)

bgrubert (191)

I got 37 after two tries!

indominus123 (21)

THis is literally the coolest thing ive seen on html on
keep up the great work!


Very nice!

LittleNomster (113)

invincibility didnt work

WyattKeenan (17)

Probably changed it now, but It will only protect you from running into your Tail, but not a wall. Wall Phaser only protects you from hitting a Wall, not your Tail.

Warhawk947 (552)

i will give this an "e"


@Warhawk947 how the turntables...

AdCharity (1317)

cool :D can u add something to force focus on the canvas (most likely using js) cause when u start u have to click the canvas before you can move

MrEconomical (2288)

@AdCharity il just make the event listener to the document itself

thejoeman24 (31)

im acctually going to start learning html, ...

AphixDev (217)

@thejoeman24 That's a good idea. That was my first language - it's very simple and fun to use. Here's a good starter guide :
As you may know, to create very effective websites, you will need to also learn Javascript (different from JAVA) and CSS, and SQL and PHP would be a nice addition along w/ bootstrap

DeTitan (1)



I can't move