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✨ ProHost - Free, easy domain names ✨


Free, easy, domain names

Welcome to my new tool, ProHost. I've spent months working on this (mostly bc i was demotivated to finish it and had other stuff to work on) and it gives free domain names.

I know it looks like I've copied freenom, but they shut down a while ago. The company, by the looks, was a real big SCAM. I read reviews, and most people say that after your domain gets a lot of traffic, they take it away from you and show ads on it instead.

Since freenom is gone, I decided to make my own version. It didn't go exactly as planned (scroll down to the bottom), but I'm done.

Now, that's enough about freenom, let's get in to ProHost.

About ProHost

ProHost's interface isn't that great, but oh boy it works. It was made mostly with the Cloudflare API. All requests to websites made with ProHost, by default, are protected by cloudflare. Want to change this? Comment on this post.

How to use ProHost

When you visit the homepage at, there should be a nicely styled landing page (the only one) totally not copied from Netflix, in front of you. Click the blue Get Started button.

Now you should be on a horribly styled page (the first of many) right there. Click login, then click Authorize.
Now there is another horribly styled page saying hello and has a button saying Get Started.

Click Get Started. Now you should be here:

Follow the steps that the page and whatever article you select says. They will guide you.


Traversy Media for this awesome tutorial that I totally didn't use for the landing.
@Xenity for something I forgot (he helps me with practically everything lol)
Glitch for their logo being just plain weird and also that GIF on the glitch setup article.


Thanks for reading! This took me a while to make, I hope you like it.

H4ck3r out

P.S. Oh yeah, and to go with with my habit of saying the most important detail in the end, ... The domains are subdomains of Lol, you really thought I was giving out free domains XD.


Uhhh, the page isn't loading.


huh? i don't know what's taking it so long, try going to @CandyIsAwesome8


It sounds really nice but I couldn’t test it due to an error
It’s on line 124 and it’s invalid syntax


Sorry, I forgot the comma in python function data, try it now. @VulcanWM


This is amazing! If you improved the css of the configure page that’d be great @TheH4ck3r


lol I'm working on improving everything at this point @VulcanWM


okay that’s great! @TheH4ck3r


Nice job dude


Thanks! Did you test it? @Breeze0505