guess your password
SamEverett (68)

this is a program where you have to guess your password

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Nettakrim (693)

solid 5/7 i use this everyday all day

at first i thought this was just a joke but after using it once i realized it was so much more!
in "password guess" you play as an omnipresent being and your goal is to input words.
this may sound like a simple premise but due to the underlying themes of chaos and destruction it creates a really intense experience which really cant be found elsewhere.

my first password was "hello" which was beaten easily but while i don't want to spoil the game for anyone, its actually a really good tutorial, it teaches you the basics of the game as well as valuable lessons you can apply in all your other runs and allows you (with much practice) to perfectly craft an unbeatable password.


"superstrongpassword123" really combines elements of each line of code to create something that beats every level, while i wouldn't recommend using it, if you are having difficulty's beating the game maybe take parts of it to combine into your own password


Nettakrim (693)

extended essay coming soon

SamEverett (68)

@Nettakrim this is the concept I was going for. You have been the only one to understand me. Thank you for sharing my ideals, I couldn’t put it into words