Connect 4 - The online version (play on one device or on different devices)

This is an online version of the board game. There are two ways to play, on one device, or on two different devices (using Socket.IO). For playing on different devices, you'll have to login with Replit so people will know your name, then enter the room name. People in the same room will play against each other, and you'll be able to see the other player's moves. To invite someone you will have to enter their Replit username. If you invite another player the player you invite has to be on the website to see recieve it.


  • Play on one device
  • Play on different devices and see your opponent's moves
  • Invite other players and recieve invites

In case you don't know the rules:

The board is a 6 by 7 grid, and there are two colors for the pieces: yellow and red. Yellow goes first. When you move, choose a column to drop your piece in. The piece will "fall down" until it reaches the first row or gets on top of an old piece. The goal of this game is to get four of your pieces in a row (vertically, horizontally, and diagonally). If every tile in the grid has been taken, it's a tie.

If you want to play a game against me, go to the room admin (I may or may not be available). Or you can invite me to a room.



Thanks to @Coder100 again for helping me with Socket.IO.

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@ruiwenge2 this will definitely get trending in no time lol