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random game
ripu (3)

in this game, you use wasd to move around a square, you represented by a symbol (you choose) and try to avoid barriers that pop up randomly (B). You die if you hit one. This game is a work in progress, comment if you find any bugs. (also im a beginner so comment if you know of any more efficient ways to do anything)

ripu (3)
xolyon (346)

Ok so umm two things:

  • sometimes I can't move to certain places like it won't let me move up but Ib other places it will

-And also can we do Collab I really need a kinda map/user UI in a text based game

ripu (3)

@xolyon idk that also happens to me to i see if i can fix it

ripu (3)

@xolyon sure we can collab