Working Chatroom
pyelias (2493)

It's a chatroom!

If there's any bugs, say so in the chat (or comment here).

And don't spam or you get muted.

(this project has been discontinued (might still work until early 2020), if you wanna talk to people join the discord

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replitcode (143)

@quockhanh: Its awesome, but you should consider having a colorful scheme to it... add this module to your repl...
from termcolor import colored

then when you have that imported, wherever you want the text to be colorful just do something like this...
print(colored("Blah Blah Blah... This is a test!", "testcolor")) where testcolor is the color you want the text to be (colors include, green. magenta, yellow, cyan, white, red, blue, grey) and where colored is the command being put forth to enable colors being activated.

another example would be as so...
example = input(colored("Give me an example please!", "testcolor"))

This is just advice being given, you don't have to follow through with it if you don't want to!
Good luck on your coding, and keep up the awesome work!