SJAUTH - Manage your Auth With Ease

AAARGH HOW CAN I MAKE A SIMPLE AUTH SYSTEM? I need to add user logins to my site, but im unable to because I dont know how :(
You need to create an auth system that's easy to use, but how?

Introducing SJAUTH


SJAUTH is an OAUTH 2.0 Client that lets you integrate Auth with your website with ease.

How does Oauth work?
There are three parties involved, the client, user, and api server

  • Step 1 - Client requests user authorization with a set of scopes
  • Step 2 - If user accepts, server returns a code, and redirects to the redirect uri specified
  • Step 3 - Client uses code, client id, client secret, redirect uri, and state to make POST request to server
  • Step 4 - If request is valid, server returns token
    This token can be used to make api requests, but is only valid for the scopes asked for.

SJAUTH comes out of the box with the following features -

  • Connections

    • When you auth with an application, the application's requested scopes as well as the application name show on your dashboard. There will also be an option to deauthorize that application, which will revoke its token.
  • Basic Stuff

    • Ability for User to change password
    • Ability for user to change email
  • Mailing lists

    • SJAUTH supports mailing lists for first party applications, which means you can sign up for a mailing list for any of our sister applications, such as SJURL, Minimalist, and SJAUTH itself.

    • The Dev Panel is where developers can register an application, see existing application Client IDs and Client Secrets, and see/edit redirect URIs for that application. Here, you can also delete an application.
  • Delete Account :(

    • If you didn't like SJAUTH, or it isn't for you, you also have the ability to delete your account :(

The Oauth Docs for SJAUTH can be found here -

SJAUTH also allows API calls to SJURL, our sister application.

Have fun!

Btw, at the moment, we have 96 users signed up.

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