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p5.js circles swarm experiment
moudy (114)

I started going through Programming Design Systems and it motivated me to try out some creative coding. The site shows examples using processing but I used p5js which is "an interpretation of Processing for today’s web".

My goal here was to make circles swarm around in a circle. I want to add some easing logic so it's less jerky when they change direction but otherwise, I'm surprised how easy it is to create these visualizations.

Hat tip to @tangert for sharing the link!

tangert (87)

woah this is very cool. i wonder how hard it would be to get the circles to swarm around an arbitrary path. i would love to make this same thing but with letters or other shapes!

moudy (114)

@tangert yeah, got some learning to do! I want to try making a clock too.

tangert (87)

@moudy for some reason this also reminds me of the alien language from arrival if you've seen it.

moudy (114)

@tangert oh yeah! I actually had the thought while watching Westworld. One of the characters has this watch. I tried rendering more small circles but the browser can't really handle it.