How To Create A Black Hole Spiral in Python W/ Turtle
nothplus (72)

Hello Programmers,

This is a innovative and creative way of showing of your programming skills in Python with Turtle by creating this Spiral which later centres into a Black Hole.

Step 1 - Import and Name your turtle
Step 2 - Create a for - in range and mark anything more than 100
Step 3 - Go forward by 180 or more
Step 4 - Go left by 70 or more
Step 5 - Go forward by 60 or more
Step 6 - Go right by 40 or more
Step 7 - Pen up
Step 8 - Set position 0,0
Step 9 - Pen down
Step 10 - Go right by 2 or more

Challenge: Add Colour to make it a Rainbow Spiral

There you have it Ten Easy Steps to make a pretty fascinating Black Hole Spiral and impress other programmers.

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@nothplus would you be ok if I did a python turtle tutorial too which can make a really cool spiral. I really like your tutorial and I wanted to make on like this too :>

John_WardWard (364)

@IEATPYTHON If you're interested in this kind of stuff, I've got a pixel art creator tutorial you might want to see.


@John_WardWard Sure! If you are interested in turtle my turtle circle pattern generator is out

John_WardWard (364)

@IEATPYTHON Thanks, I'll check it out now.

nothplus (72)

@IEATPYTHON Ok sure be, but sure to credit me for it and I don't mind if you straight up use the same code!


@nothplus For your tutorial I would suggest you use markdown so that it will look nicer.

With markdown you can make text bold: This text is bold
see it looks nice right

print("Your code will pop out like this")

If you want to know how to do this check out this Jser's tutorial right here>>>