Code Chal - Daily coding challenges!
EpicRaisin (264)

Code Chal

Code Chal is a website I made where you get daily coding challenges, and you have to write code to solve it.


  • Sign in with
  • Leaderboard to see top coders
  • New challenges every day
  • Full JavaScript support
  • Custom out() function for output
    and most importantly...

  • Open source! (good luck trying to dig through my code though.)

Planned Updates

  • Code highlighting, and maybe even Intellisense
  • Daily streak leaderboard
  • Challenge calendar to play previous challenges

🍌 If you enjoy this, please give bananas 🍌

In the comments, tell me any ideas you have for challenges and updates!

Note: Open it in a new tab. It doesn't seem to want to work in the iframe.

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EpicRaisin (264)

@maxina There's actually a story behind the domain :)

So a few months back (when I still had hacker), I was working on an IO game called, and I needed an always on private repl to store accounts. Move forward into April, and I no longer have hacker, so I had to make the repl public again, breaking the account system. But luckily always on repls stay like that, even without hacker. So, I couldn't use it for accounts any more. But I wasn't going to let it go to waste. So I decided to use it for anything that required always on. I decided to get the domain to make it really short and easy to type so its practical. Thus, this domain.

As for making it a serious project, kinda. I'm not gonna try to take this to a scale thing, but I'm gonna try to update and improve it until I forget about it or get people to help me not forget.

Prob a long answer, but yeah. Hope you enjoy it!