Code Chal - Daily coding challenges!
EpicRaisin (265)

Code Chal

Code Chal is a website I made where you get daily coding challenges, and you have to write code to solve it.


  • Sign in with
  • Leaderboard to see top coders
  • New challenges every day
  • Full JavaScript support
  • Custom out() function for output
    and most importantly...

  • Open source! (good luck trying to dig through my code though.)

Planned Updates

  • Code highlighting, and maybe even Intellisense
  • Daily streak leaderboard
  • Challenge calendar to play previous challenges

🍌 If you enjoy this, please give bananas 🍌

In the comments, tell me any ideas you have for challenges and updates!

Note: Open it in a new tab. It doesn't seem to want to work in the iframe.

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EpicRaisin (265)

@maxina The way I store the scores is I store the number of each day that someone completed. For example, if it was 10 days since the website started, and you did 5 challenges, that would mean your score might look something like 1-3-4-6-10, each number being a day. The code checks to see if you already completed the day, if so, it doesn't add onto your score.

Even if you somehow managed to glitch it into doing that, there are still only 2 challenges, so it doesn't really matter :)