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⌨️ Hacker Typer 💥
mat1 (4378)

Type random things into the terminal and become a master hacker by using this program. It even has syntax highlighting, using my project I published yesterday.

Please upvote for m45t3r h4ck1ng skillz

Heypeoples2 (9)

This is awesome! Oh wow, this is even more complicated than what I can ever do. I bet my friend can understand this, but I can't even- nevermind but wow, awesome, and how awesome is this website!??!

AmazingMech2418 (1039)

Now, this is what I call a quine program!

NihalAnand (32)

I'm convinced black magic was involved in the making of this.

DJWang (1345)

Sorry. But you are kinda ripping off the website Still awesome!

mat1 (4378)

@DJWang Yeah, I was inspired by that website. I didn't like how they didn't highlight the syntax though, so I added that to mine.

DJWang (1345)

@mat1 Cool! You are talking to your number 1 fan right now!

LoneAce (223)

You are legit a genius man

amasad (3339)

Awesome! I like how it's highlighted in the terminal

OldWizard209 (1101)

Hey @mat1 , was wonderin' u still active mate....?


That is pretty cool

nN34398Ff (107)

In the end it should show what you typed lol actually that would be cool

nN34398Ff (107)

Lol my mom get mad for typing randomly and making clicking sounds my fingers hurt if only this happened with real code lol then I become master by typing nonsense

DylanDen (0)

@mat1 this is confusing i need help understanding

kingretracted (30)

Thats really nice! How do you do that?

ebest (664)

Hey @mat1 Try holding down enter key and see what happens. Is that an easter egg or something?

mat1 (4378)

@ebest It's not a bug, it's a feature!

ebest (664)

@mat1 That's what I thought.
SHORT SELLING SHORT SELLING UGG can you test it? right now I don't have discord.


SaptarshiHalder (46)

@ebest It works on holding down any 'valid' key in the keyboard.

SamuelWaller1 (0)

I was trying to figure out where it was getting the code from,then I realized it was printing itself! Brilliant!

GrantKeo (86)

LOL if only this program could actually make all my programs for me. Awesome!

MazeW (0)

Pretty cool, thanks for sharing!

Gamedev455 (0)

That's cool reminds me of a website, can't remember the name

mat1 (4378)

@Gamedev455 Yeah, there's a website called which inspired me, but it doesn't have epic syntax highlighting.

Laag (0)

sick code fam


Nice work.

8D_Joe_Efretuei (76)

Got my vote, Those hacks are hot!