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The world's greatest url shortener disguiser

Your friend just pranked you - sent you an empty repl after weeks of blabbering about it "being the best game in the world". What do you do? Seek revenge, Rickroll them. How? Using my app, kewurl. kewurl is a reveloutionary app that makes the sacred art of rickrolling easier.

How to use

First of all, fork the repl (and therefore in ANY PUBLIC PROJECT'S MARKDOWN/DESCRIPTION YOU MUST GIVE CREDIT TO ME IN AT LEAST A ##. An italised ### will also work.)! Next, go to the shell tab and type:

This generates a random character. Set the repl name to that random character, OK (what this does is it fools somebody who has fallen for the prank before)? Next, set the variable burl (stands for base url) to the title of the repl. Refresh the page. Once everything reloads, run the program (with the run button) and wait for (my package installer) and flask to load. Open the website in a new tab. Type the rickroll link into the input box, then click Shorten. You should go to a page that tells you the disguised link. That link is almost UNhackable.

fun stuff

A constant redirect creates the funniest effect - click here. It's almost like the url is ticking down to 10.


  • Me for 100% of the code.
  • @CoolCoderSJ for the inspiration from SJurl. In case you didn't know, this project started out as a url shortener.
  • for the markdown-to-html transition.

Happy RickRolling!

Note: DO NOT TRY TO RICKROLL ME. Any links sent to me will be checked -- not that I would tell you how to check a link... it's almost funny to watch someone clicking so gullibly on a RickRoll....