👔 BTC Bank [email protected] 🎩
smrsan761 (80)


🃏 The Game Logo


Used no external libraries/frameworks.
(Just used the google fonts)
99.99% made/written by me!

💫 The Magic of The Game Logo

Look at the center of the hacker face (in the game logo above) for about 20 seconds. Then look at a white and smooth wall and blink continuously.
Say what was appeared on the wall by posting a comment ❔❗

🎮 Game Play ScreenShot


∞ The Most Extensibility

I made this game so extensible to help us to make infinite kinds of levels. I didn't make more than just one level because of the lack of time. However, you can take a look at the scripts/levels/LVL-1.js file and see how I made the map and the logic of level 1.

🛠 Technical Info

I built this game using pure HTML, CSS, JS.
Camera moving/zooming animations are made using CSS transformations, because of it's higher performance than JS.
CSS has higher performance, however it makes the pixels blurry in high zoom levels.

❔ How to Play ?

  • Use ASDW keys or arrow keys to move.
  • Use I for zooming in and O for zooming out.

💡 Tips

  • Use the help command to see the list of all available commands.
  • You could use -h or --help option for any command to see it's manual text.
  • Use the net command to manage network connection.

📖 Game Story:

You are a very professional hacker who want's to export all of bitcoins of a scam company called BTC Bank.
Now, it's night and you should break into that company and export all the bitcoins from it's main server.
So ... Let's do it !

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smrsan761 (80)

@kamalhasan Excuse me if this game is a little specialty. In fact, this game is kinda joke (because BTC bank is never possible) and also is kinda practice for who want to be more familiar with bash commands (very basically).

These are the basic keys:

  • I for zooming in, and O for zooming out
  • ASWD and/or arrow keys for walking
  • L for focusing on the linux terminal of the players' laptop

and, These are some guides:

  • Use the help command to see all available commands of the current terminal.
  • Use the man <command name> command to see the manual of that specific command. (omit those < and > characters)
  • You can also use the --help or -h option to see the manual of that specific command. (e.g. net --help or net -h)

and a very major guide:

At first, connect to the doors network by using this command: net -c doors.
Then list all existing computers inside that network using: net --list-computers
Then find the IP address of the doors server, and hack it using the hack command.
Finally, you should be disconnected from the doors network by using net -d, and repeat these instructions to hack the BTC bank server and export all bitcoins.

Don't forget to use net --list-networks before connecting to any networks!

I hope you'll be able to win this game and enjoy ;)