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Quack! - A search engine!

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The new hip search engine!

Big thanks to

for the Idea

Here's a cool search engine I made! I got the idea from

and pumped it with steroids! It uses wikipedia for normal search results and some other modules. It includes a dictionary, a thesaurus, a translator, and my own little form of the internet using the database. But, to access all this stuff, you need to know some commands!

The Commands


To use the dictionary, you simply need to type in:

define: [word]

and you will get a definition of the word!

To use the Thesaurus:

To use the Thesaurus, you only need to know 2 commands.


synonym: [word]


antonym: [word]


To begin the process of translation, simply type in


Type in NOTHING ELSE after translation.
You will then get an input asking for the language. Enter in the name of the language in English. (For some reason, it doesn't let you use the name of the language in it's own language i.e. "Español"). It will then ask you for the text to translate. You then press enter. It may take a while, but you will get a translation.

The Internet!

You can create webpages here! It will save it to the database, which means even if you turn it off, your page will still be there!

Create a Webpage

To create a webpage, type in:


It will ask you for the title. This is basically the website name that will be used for other people to find your site.

It will then ask you for the website content. This the text that will show when people look up your website.

Find a Webpage

To find a webpage, type in:

//find: [site title]

The result will print the website content that accompanied the site title.

Thanks for Reading!

I've worked a lot on this, and I'm really proud of what I did. In fact, it's my first project that I made that was legitimately useful! This project was also started when I played around with the wikipedia module for a short time. I then named it 'Ding' and commented it on the Boogle project

made. I then just added some more crap and here we are.

This is my first time heavily using markdown so I hope it looks good.

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