💥 [GAME] Play 'POP 100!!!' a Totally Awesome Game! 💥
RolandJLevy (1052)

This game is challenging and fun - it really tests your skills and reflexes. I coded this from scratch in 4 days using vanilla JavaScript and CSS only. It's really fun to play. Try to pop all 100 balloons without missing any. To add your score to the Leader Board top 20 just send me a screenshot of your score with your name.

🎈 POP 100!!! 🎈

Links 🔗

The game 🏁


How to Play 👉

  • Aim of the game: Pop all 100 balloons without missing any.
  • Scoring: Each balloon shows the amount of points on it. Popping smaller balloons scores more points.

  • Bonus points: Look out for the yellow balloon to get 20 bonus points!

Features 💡

  • Completely responsive and mobile friendly

  • Reset the game at any time

  • Turn the sound on or off

  • Built from scratch with Vanilla JavaScript and CSS; no front-end frameworks or libraries like React, Vue etc...

  • Includes Leader Board. Send me a screenshot of your score with your name, so I can add you in.

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AgastyaSandhuja (172)

its a macbook pro 2017 with 16 gigs ram. I personally think it might have been just me now that i look back, as i was running a java server which took most of my ram. @RolandJLevy