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Choose Your Own Adventure #1
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After spending 3 weeks making this repl, I finally created my first program of the upcoming series Choose Your Own Adventure #1. This is full of adventures and decisions that you will have to make. For this one, it will be a city adventure. Basically, the storyline is that notorious villians that were in jail for thousands of years escaped. After that, you have many decisions to make that will soon come to an ending, good or bad. Anyways, run this repl as many time as you want.

NOTE: I would like people to upvote this repl if they liked it so I would know if I should make a second one soon (because I worked hard on it). In addition, I would like you to comment down below suggestions to improve these choose your own adventures. Also, you should share with the community what endings you got.

Have fun with this repl!

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it picked options for me. I didnt even type anything