😏 Meme Generator 😈
KobeFF (1271)

hElLo EvErYoNe!!

How's your day? :D
... Very Noice.

Quick question..

What do you call a dwarf on ice??

lol imagine using a fidget spinner in 2021 tho XD

Anyways, today I made a MEME GENERATOR :3
Click a button, and a meme pops up! It's pretty self-explanatory...



Well, you get the idea!

The memes are from multiple sources like reddit, google, instagram, t.. and couples lame ones i created myself.

I also spam runned pls meme commands on discord lol

@angrydoge also gave me some funny memes :D

Note: Sometimes the javascript math function goes wonk and it it shows you the same memes. Just spam click the generate button a few
times and it should show you new ones eventually

I'll be adding more memes as we speak!

So without further ado, enjoy some memes!

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