I think I found replit irl
JackFranzel (29)

I was messing around using the chromium-browser --no-sandbox code, and I kinda found where the servers are located.

so if you open the program, you find a chrome browser. google, "whats my ip" and it responds with an adress. I used a ip locator, and it gave an answer.

Council Bluffs, Iowa

This is where some of repl.it is stored. A google server farm. (i found an article, here it is)

idk why i did this, but it was fun. this program can also bypass all firewalls/blocked websites, however it has very low processing capabilities, so anything more than a web search could break it.

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JackFranzel (29)

ik that its based in san fransisco, but the physical location of the servers that run replit could be anywhere, and at least some are in council bluffs [email protected]