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⌛ Google loading animation! ⌛
RolandJLevy (1050)

Animation for Google loading screen using the brand colours. Animation speed can be adjusted with the slider

Links 🔗

Features 💡

  • Animations use CSS only
  • Slider made with custom CSS
  • Google brand colours for the animation and the logo are set using CSS vars. The colours are:

blue: #4285F4
red: #DB4437
yellow: #F4B400
green: #0F9D58

angrydoge (474)

I literally thought the website was loading. That is super convincing. So pog lol +1.

RolandJLevy (1050)

@angrydoge haha! That's cool :) thanks

bookworm14 (1)

i lik full speed way too much

RolandJLevy (1050)

Hey @bookworm14, yeah me too. It goes a but crazy at top speed :D

JBloves27 (1711)

Whoa... This is satisfying! Nice job!