Realtime chat app using firebase, with markdown, editing, channels, and much more!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :) This supports markdown, html sanitation, channels, editing messages (Click on them), quoting people, and much more!


  • Add color changing to settings
  • Add a channel list along with public and private channels? (Maybe)

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"hippety hoppety your code is now my property"
- e

- nobody
More coming soon, to be on here post something funny

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hippety hoppity your code is now my property
-Dani 2020


@svensk007 - Ah, a fellow boner I see. Do you have an extra Gucci Banana by any chance? It is too costly for me lol


@YashvardhanPatt that sounded InTeReStiNg


@svensk007 - Is it just me, or is your comment looking kinda...THICC


@YashvardhanPatt *T H I C C


@svensk007 - We finally made peace with OJ gang. Now we are allies :)