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help with discord bot

hi everybody, i'm new to programming and i'm in need of someone's help to program a bot, whoever wants to, or can help comments here in this post


A. this should be in ask, not share
B. you can do this in node.js or python
C. there is a template for this in the templates section. you can fork that and look up a tutorial for " rewrite tutorial" or "discord node.js rewrite tutorial"
D. whatever language you choose, make sure you know the language. I know from experience how easy it is to delve into a project you don't understand. Take your time and understand the programming language you decide to use before you try any sort of bot development. you need to understand asynchronous functions, OOP, basic syntax, and more


@personmandude ok so, sorry for everything, i'm new using this site, so u know, apologies.


What programming language? Also this should be in the ASK section.