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Help! - A place to find help


Welcome to Help

What is help?

Help is an online tool to either find help, or help others. For example, if you are really good with back end, you can navigate to the search page, type in "back end" and "back-end", and quickly find people who need help with back-end.

And that's about it.

Scroll down for helpful links and wiki

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How * Help search * Works

The search works as follows:
When you post something to Help, you provide tags. Tags are one of the most important parts to a Help post. Without them, you will always be last in search results.
Lets say that there are three posts:

  • one with the tag of "back-end", "python".
  • one with the tags of "dev", "back-end", and "servers"
  • one last with "HTML", and "front-end"
    If you search (either at "/pleas" or "/search" - it does not matter, you will be routed to the same search URL) for "back-end" and "servers" you will get the results as follows:
  1. one with the tags of "dev", "back-end", and "servers"
  2. another with the tag of "back-end", "python".
  3. one last with "HTML", and "front-end"
    The results that are not relevant

What do you wish to do on help?

Important links:

I have spent ~4 months working on this, and I hope that because of this work, no one will have to work that long again.

2 years ago
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